Homebuilding company welcomes William Hill exec – who is he?

It’s now confirmed! Former Bovis Homes director Neil Cooper has been the latest addition to the very big family of Barratt Developments PLC, one of the largest and best known home builders in England. This sounds attention-grabbing, although it’s not yet confirmed when he will make the transition.

According to the news, the current group finance director of William Hill will soon be the new chief financial officer for Barratt. From what I’ve learned, it seems that the way everyone from UK’s residential property development company is excited to work with Cooper for his resume really speaks volume—he has a strong CFO track record. In fact, Barratt chief executive (designate) David Thomas is all-praise of him because he has really a good knowledge of the house building sector.

“He has been a key part of shaping the direction of Bovis Homes and William Hill and is an exceptional appointment for Barratt; I am confident that he will add real value to our business,” Thomas stated in an interview.

However, Barratt said that Cooper would join its board after fulfilling his contractual obligations to his existing employer. The UK’s top betting company said that Neil still has a 12 month notice period, but his actual departure date will be confirmed in due course. Afterwards, he will join the home building company, provided that he would fulfill all his contractual obligations to his existing employer.

With his imminent status with Barratt, there’s no doubt that the new finance boss does want him in the company. With his wide array of experiences in some good companies, Cooper can surely be an asset to the renowned house builder.

Surely, when he makes the transition, everything will be smooth sailing like what he has experienced in Bovis and William Hill. And soon, we’re going to see him filling the post vacated by Thomas who will step up to become chief executive of Barratt next month. Transition will be shortly felt by employees in the succeeding months.

I can’t wait to see Cooper in homebuilding business again. From top betting site to homebuilding, let’s see where he really excels the most.

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