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Puntology Product Report Sheet

puntology screenshot box Puntology is something a bit different - it's neither a betting system nor tipster sports pick service. Instead, it's a 12-month home study course on how to be a professional gambler. The idea is not to rely on the systems and selections of others (whose value is diluted by mass access), but to be able to successfully create your own.

Puntology specialises in Horse Racing, and sends you a weekly lesson for you to complete together with an assignment. It's aim is build your skills over the course of a year until you reach the level of the Professional Gambler.

This product is classed as a Betting School product. You can compare and contrast it with rival Betting School products by clicking here: Betting School comparison table

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Product Specification

Product Name puntology
Otherwise known as Puntology Professional Gambler Home Study Course
Author Michael Wilding
Sports Covered Horse Racing
Price $29.77
Monthly Membership Fee $29.77
Website http://www.puntology.com


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