William Hill to reinvigorate the sports betting and igaming markets

Looking for ways to improve their customers’ experience is one of the goals of online casinos and betting companies like William Hill. Luckily, the UK’s top betting site built in 1934 has come up with the latest innovations that are truly revolutionary.

The Home of Betting is set to boost or increase its innovation projects and in-house development competencies as the company plans to reinvigorate the sports betting and igaming markets not just in UK and US but also all over the world.

According to Crispin Nieboer, William Hillm’s Director of Corporate Development and Innovation, the operator would launch up to 10 new inventions every year, basically targeting live sports betting.

The company has used the Shoreditch Digital Festival to unveil one of its first prototypes, “Get in the Race” app for Google Cardboard. The app which has been created in partnership with UNIT9 development offers punters’ a real-life horse race in 3D virtual environment.

While the technology is currently a prototype, William Hill hopes to expand the technology to other sports. Nieboer, who leads William Hill’s Shoreditch based Innovations Lab, said that the company is trying to create an entertaining experience for punters regardless of the outcomes of their bets.

For sure, the betters and users are eager to use the app which provides not only a good betting experience but also the techie way to use the latest innovation. Truly, the sports betting is not just in the field, in the streets or inside the gaming rooms; this also happens online that seems to be so exciting for those netizens out there.

William Hill’s valued customers hope that the technology can become a fixture in betting shops and for users at home in the future. Well, let’s just wait and hope for something positive from the UK’s top betting site.

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