What’s the NBA Commissioner’s take on gambling?


“Gambling is good business!” That’s what NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said when asked about gambling in NBA on the WFAN sports talk radio program Boomer & Carton show.

Silver believes that it’s time for his league to change it’s tune on sports betting and that it’s time for the practice to be legalized and regulated throughout the United States.

He further stated, “Putting aside whether or not we’re actually actively involved in any of the betting, it creates more engagement.” He even cited an example that a $5 bet between friends can fuel interest on the sport.

Silver also admitted that he already opened the subject to his fellow commissioners, stating that it had garnered a “range of reactions” – with some not even remotely interested while the others found the idea interesting.

While Silver isn’t necessarily promoting sports betting, he said that gambling is happening anyway and that it would do the sports leagues a lot better if it’s done in a regulated environment.

It was last year when Silver’s stance on sports betting was made public, especially after he published an op-ed in The New York Times on the subject back in November.

Silver somewhat found a support in Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred, who said that it’s about time for the leagues to discuss gambling and their respective stance on it.

Will sports betting finally see the light in the major leagues?

I’ll be keeping tabs on this one, if I were you.

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