What’s Darren Phua’s Next Step In Sports Betting Case?

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Caesar’s by pulaw

Looks like Malaysian businessman Paul Phua is on his own in the sports betting case he and his son Darren Phua are involved in.

Apparently, Phua junior is planning to plead guilty in the Caesars Palace sports betting ring case where he is charged with misdemeanor with regards to accusations that he helped operate an illegal sports betting ring out of a Caesars Palace villa.

This move now leaves his father as the only remaining defendant in the case.

Darren Phua will have to forfeit $125,000 to the US authorities as well as his high-powered computer equipment that was seized after the FBI raided his suite inside Caesars in Las Vegas, Nevada, as part of his plea.

This move is fueled by the decision of the five other involved men to accept their convictions for lesser charges.

If the plea is submitted, Phua junior would be the seventh of eight defendants to resolve the case against them. Five men, as mentioned above, have already been convicted while the sixth defendant was dropped from the case by prosecutors.

On the other hand, Paul Phua may be left as the final defendant but he sure is getting support from prominent pro poker players like Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan and Andrew Robl.

The overwhelming support from the poker community probably fueled Phua’s decision to stand firm and continue to fight the charges against him.

Although his legal team is currently working hard on getting the case dismissed, it was to no avail. A court hearing is still expected to take place some time in April.

The past few weeks have been significantly challenging for the Phuas as there have been “false and misleading statements” in the sworn affidavit used by FBI agents to secure a search warrant to raid the villa in order to collect evidence. US Magistrate Judge Peggy Leen made a recommendation to toss most of the evidence because of this.

“I’m pleased that her honor recognized that law enforcement must not be reckless nor omit vital information when seeking a warrant” Paul Phua’s lawyer, David Chesnoff, said after that decision was reached.

Now the question is: will Paul Phua continue to fight the charges until the end or will he end up pleading guilty like his son? We’ll see.

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