Watch out: Unikrn is preparing a version of its sports betting service to penetrate the US market

Thousands of E-gamblers are already taking advantage of Unikrn! Punters from Australia, UK, Ireland and other parts of the world enjoy placing their bets on competitive gaming matches offered by the E-sports gaming and betting firm. Sounds exciting and fun, isn’t it?

If others can join the online sports betting, now why can’t Americans? Simple, because it’s illegal in the US.

However, Rahul Sood, co-founder of start-up operator Unikrn, has revealed the company’s intention to expand its service offering into the yet-to-be legalized US e-sports betting market.

Unikrn, which this year also launched its platform in Australia and England, is preparing a version of its service for the US market, where Sood predicted e-sports betting would be legal in two years or so. In fact, Sood told the AFP news agency that when everyone looks at the way e-sports is going, there is a huge audience out there for it.

“We believe there is no better way to heighten the experience than through betting,” the Unikrn exec stated.

Unikrn is very dedicated to its mission of providing a safe, legal venue for betting on e-sports. Furthermore, the firm calculates odds and takes bets online through an app for mobile devices. Games are streamed at Unikrn using Twitch, and people can watch betting odds change in real-time. Above all, its partner Tabcorp manages risk and monitors for anomalies like players intentionally losing games.

Indeed, the booming trend known as ‘e-sports’ is really making a craze. With its huge success, no one can stop it, and that’s for sure. Even a powerful country like America can’t forever ban Unikrn from providing bets to its people.

And with all the America’s technological advancements and its citizens’ modern living, there’s no doubt that eSports betting will soon be legalized in the US. Let’s face it, there are millions of video gamers and gamblers in America. Unikrn will just add fun, excitement and profit to them.

Yes, sooner or later, millions of Americans will eventually get hooked with Unikrn’s sports betting. Count on it.

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