Sports Betting Finally Going To Be Legalized?

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Is sports betting finally about to be legalized?

You must know sports betting is still illegal in just about every state except Nevada. And every attempt at sports betting legalization has been invalidated by federal courts as it would violate the 1992 federal Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA).

But it sure didn’t stop NBA commissioner Adam Silver from openly calling for its regulation and legalization back in November. He even rallied his fellow commissioners from the MLB, NFL and NHL just so sports betting could see the light of day.

His efforts seem to start bearing fruit as MLB commissioner Rob Manfred has expressed his support for the matter.

Without embracing everything he said, certainly the idea of having a federal system to govern gambling — whatever that system is — uniformity at a federal level seems like a pretty good idea to me” Rob Manfred said, giving credit to Adam Silver for starting the discussion.

Manfred further emphasized his stance during a talk with ESPN’s “Outside the Lines.” He was quoted as saying, “Gambling in terms of our society has changed its presence on legalization. I think it’s important for there to be a conversation between me and the owners about what our institutional position will be.

On the other hand, NHL’s Gary Bettman and NFL’s Roger Goodell are yet to support the call for regulation of sports betting. But considering that two of the “big four” are already on board, there may be hope for the legislation. Especially since the four leagues are already warming up to fantasy sports played for money.

Of course there’s still no guarantee that sports betting will be legalized in the near future. Eventually, maybe. Let’s cross our fingers…

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