eSports Betting: Unikrn comes to UK

Unikrn in UK? Finally, it’s happening.

The eSports betting platform Unikrn has recently launched its UK division. In collaboration with Australia’s Tabcorp, the site allows UK eSports fans to watch and place bets on pro-gaming.

Now, Unikrn, co-founded by CEO Rahul Sahood, becomes UK’s first dedicated betting site for competitive gaming. Sood described the country as “one of the most sophisticated sports betting markets in the world.” He also added that there has been tremendous demand for safe wagering on eSports from UK consumers and the company is happy with the said demand.

Aside from UK, Australia, and Asia-based eSports fans can also watch and wager on tournaments run by well-known European Leagues. However, the service is restricted to jurisdictions in which betting is allowed. Which means that much of the United States is out of reach.

Currently, users and fans can place their bets on massively popular League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive matches but the site will add Dota 2, Heroes of the Storm and a lot more in the succeeding months. Aside from the viewing and betting on eSports matches, Unikrn also provides live discussions and competitive odds to gaming fans globally.

Indeed, eSports market is growing globally. The fact that its audience reached 205 million viewers in 2014 has made it as big as NHL. Which shouldn’t come off as a surprise.

After all, the thrill that highly competitive games can offer is kind of addicting. Plus the fact that the money at stake is big. Who would not want these things? Surely, the British consumers are eager to experience thrill and at the same time, gain money out of online sports betting.

So to all eSports supporters out there, especially in UK, gather, game and start betting!

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