Does Bill C290 have a future following the support of NBA?

Other international leagues may not still be open to the idea of having sports betting in Canada, but the Canadian Gaming Association should not lose hope because the NBA has already said yes to the controversial bill C290.

The NBA has become the first US pro league to openly drop its opposition towards the Canadian single sports betting bill. After the conclusion of the NBA 2015 Finals this week, the Canadian Gaming Association released a statement, noting the support of NBA for sports betting in Canada provided that there is an appropriate legislative framework that protects the integrity of the game under strict regulatory requirements and technological safeguards.

Yes, the sports betting bill has the support of NBA but what is this bill really all about? I know for a fact that the public is wondering why some major sporting organizations from the US and Canada are not in favor of the changes in the current laws regarding sports betting. I’m sure there are a few questions that boggle the minds of people regarding the passing of the said bill.

The introduction of Bill C290 sports betting legislation that would allow Canada to legalize single-game sports betting was passed through the House of Commons three years ago but has failed to pass through the Upper House Senate to become law.

Bill C290 aims to amend the Criminal Code with regards to Canadian sports betting by allowing approved single-game wagers in licensed gambling enterprises. The bill also follows a similar framework to the stalled New Jersey licensed sports betting.

At present, the NBA is the only US professional sports league to have shown support for a regulated Canadian sports betting market. The league has only one representative franchise in Canada, the Toronto Raptors.

Now that the NBA has dropped its opposition to the proposed change, it is still unlikely to have any impact on the bill’s progress. The bill which was set to be reviewed by early 2015, has stalled at the Ottawa Senate. The majority of media and political commentators believe that C290 has no chance of review before Canada’s October General Election.

With the approval of NBA, the single-event sports betting’s time has definitely arrived. Now why don’t the officials of the involved sporting organizations reconsider the bill and eventually drop their opposition? If NBA recognizes the positive outcome of C290, why can’t the NHL, NFL and MLB too?

Perhaps, it’s about time to put aside their objections to sports books in Canada. Single-game betting should be made legal. Why? Because this would benefit their game, their franchises, and most importantly, the economy of the country.

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