Discover how a sports betting site turned fantasy into reality

Now that we are in the modern era, lots of technological advancements can be seen everywhere. With the high-tech computers and super epic internet, the fantasy sports industry in USA is making a huge craze internationally.

In fact, the daily fantasy sports betting web site DraftKings is making a big name on the internet. Previously, the sports betting site has applied for a gambling license in the United Kingdom with its sights set on global expansion.

However, DraftKings recently encountered a problem in its efforts to increase funds for its expansion, following the news that media group Walt Disney Co or its ESPN subsidiary will not be investing an estimated $250 million in the company.

But of course, it was reported that DraftKings received the exclusive right to promote fantasy sports on sports network ESPN’s properties starting in 2016. The betting company would have been valued at about $900 million should the deal with Disney have been made.

Recently, DraftKings raised $41 million in a round of investment hunting led by the Raine Group, and has enticed a total of $75 million in funding since 2012. Jason Robins, Chief Executive Officer of DraftKings, denied reports that the company was going to launch an Initial Public Offering. Robins said that an IPO was probably the last thing on his mind. Instead, his company focuses on building a great business and engaging sports fans.

Truly, fantasy sports have morphed into a multibillion dollar enterprise. Thanks to fantasy gaming companies like DraftKings and FanDuel! With the full support coming from the major league sports associations, from a few Wall Street investors and sports mega-broadcaster ESPN, the fantasy sports betting era has definitely evolved and have invaded the mainstream. I bet many critics have not expected this turn of events for the fantasy sports.

Well, from now on, the fantasy sport isn’t just a game of skill and intellect but a game of chance. It’s certainly a sport which can be a source of added income to everyone. Who wouldn’t like the idea of fun and money at the same time? Sure enough, you’d like both!

The avid users of DraftKings definitely believe that the fantasy sports betting era has come and this is reality, whether people like it or not.

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