Wyatt Farmer


Here’s the thing. I’ve always been fond of gambling and betting. As a kid, I used to always encourage some of my friends to race each other – be it running, swimming, or biking – and make the rest of them – including me – place bets on the players.

Years passed and my fondness for betting never went away. I still encourage my friends to place bets. But not through racing anymore. Let’s just say that I’ve moved from “little league” to “big league.”

Now I place bets on poker games and sports like football and boxing as well as horce racing. Heck, just name a sport or competition and I’ve probably placed bets there too.

Like I said, I’m real fond of gambling and betting.

That’s why I decided to put up Sports Pick Report, a sports betting magazine. Okay, a blog dedicated to betting and gambling.

So if you’re curious about the subject, don’t hesitate to join in the bandwagon and stay tune for news and updates on my blog!

Your Resident Punter,

Wyatt Farmer